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My book A Telic Theory of Trust  is now forthcoming with Oxford University Press.

I am PI on a 3-year AHRC research grant Digital Knowledge: A New Framework for Digital Epistemic Virtues (the Co-I is Jesper Kallestrup, Aberdeen) (£980,602.20) The project runs from September 2022 - September 2025 and includes two postdocs and a PhD student.


- I am Co-I on a 4-year AHRC research grant "Expanding Autonomy: Scaffolded, Embedded and Distributed” (£974,052.08) (the PI is Neil Levy, Oxford). The project runs from September 2022 - September 2026 and will include two postdocs.

My book Autonomous Knowledge: Radical Enhancement, Autonomy, and the Future of Knowing, is now published with Oxford University Press. (available from February 2022). (Reviewed at NDPR here).


- "De Minimis Normativism: A New Theory of Full Aptness" has been awarded the 2019 Philosophical Quarterly Essay Prize.


Chris Kelp, Mona Simion and I have been awarded a Leverhulme research grant for our project A Virtue Epistemology Trust  (2020-2023) hosted at COGITO - details here.

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