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Induction, Abduction and Epistemic Circularity University of Dusseldorf New Work in Induction and Abduction , 29-30 September 2021


Book symposium on Autonomous Knowledge: Radical Enhancement, Autonomy, and the Future of Knowing  University of Cologne Philosopher Meets Critics book symposia series. September 2021. 

Epistemic Autonomy Autonomous University of Madrid, September 2021

TBA Universidad Complutense Madrid, September 2021

Reply to Lackey on Group Knowledge University of Cologne, May 2021.



Collateral Conflicts and Epistemic Norms  University of Oxford, Epistemology Speaker Series, November 2020.

The Value of Autonomous Knowledge Conference on Intellectual Autonomy in a Digital Age, Madrid, January 2020.

Epistemic Curses: The Curse of Knowledge and the Curse of Expertise, Danish Philosophical Society Meeting

Therapeutic Trust TU Berlin, 31 January



Global Scepticism and Global Relativism, Revisited Conference on Relativism, University of California Irvine (15-16 November 2019).


Knowledge and Radical Enhancement Canadian Society for Epistemology Annual Meeting, Knowledge in a Digital Age, 14 November 2019.


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Virtue Perspectivism, Relativism and Epistemic Circularity ERC Conference on Perspectival Realism, University of Edinburgh, -14 December, 2018


Know-How and Performance Enhancement TU-Delft Department of Philosophy.


Understanding and the Right to an Explanation, Explanation and Understanding in the Age of Algorithms, University of Bielefeld.


Scepticism and Relativism Workshop on Epistemic And Semantic Relativism, University of Vienna, 1-2 October. 


Emotions in Epistemology World Congress of Philosophy, Shanghai, China, August 2018.


Refitting the Mirrors: On Structural Analogies in Williamson’s Epistemology and Action Theory Knowledge-First: Themes from Timothy Williamson, University of Cardiff, 7-8 May 2018


Intellectual Vice, Cognitive Enhancement and Scepticism: Mind Conference on Intellectual Vice and Forms of Scepticism, University of Southampton, 12-13 April 2018. (link)


A Bi-Level Account of Trust  Glasgow Meets Hamburg Workshop, University of Glasgow, 10-11 February


Testimony and the Transmission of Knowledge: University of Glasgow, colloquium talk, January 2017.


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Virtue Epistemology and Enhancement Conference on Medical Epistemology, Cologne Germany, December 2017


On Knowledge and Transmission University of St. Andrews Colloquia, 6 December.


Is Searching the Internet Making us Intellectually Arrogant?  Changing Attitudes in Public Discourse Conference, University of Cardiff. November, 2017 (with E.C. Gordon)


Trust and Competence Edinburgh Epistemology Research Group talk. 


Trust and Competence Conference on Trust and Expertise, University College Dublin. 30 August - 2 September 2017


Can You Know How to Fly a Plane if All Your Training was in VR? Workshop on the Philosophy of Virtual and Augmented Reality, University of Glasgow. (slides)


Archimedean Metanorms Conference on relativism, University College Dublin. 4-5 July, 2017


Intellectual Autonomy and Extended Cognition Workshop on 'Education, Conversation and New Learning Technologies', UCL Institute of Education, London, 4-5 May (abstract)


Virtue Epistemology and Extended Cognition Pacific APA, Symposium on Embedded and Extended Virtue, 12-15 April 2017.


Group Polarisation as a Collective Epistemic Vice Conference on 'Groups and Disagreement', University of Copenhagen, 30-31 March, 2017 (info)


Is the Ability to Φ Exercised only if one Successfully Φs? A Reply to Millar, Epistemology Workshop, University of Edinburgh, 1 March 2017. (slides)


Pritchard on Epistemic Relativism and Hinge Epistemology, Workshop on Epistemic Angst,  Paris-Sorbonne, 20 January 2017 (abstract)(handout)



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Intellectual Autonomy, Epistemic Dependence and Cognitive Enhancement Eidyn ERG talk, 21 Septemer 2016 (slides) (video)


Understanding and Factivity (with E.C. Gordon) Workshop in Epistemology, University of Stockholm, Sweden (20 June 2016) (link)


Virtue Epistemology and Extended Cognition Department of Philosophy, University of Seville, Spain (20 April 2016) (link)


Knowledge-How and Epistemic Luck Department of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen, 23 March, 2016 (link)


Replacement Relativism: Boghossian, Kusch and Wright  Workshop on Relativism in Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science, University of Edinburgh,16 March, 2016 (slides) (video)


Social Epistemology, Epistemic Value and Education (with Emma C. Gordon), Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain talk, Moray House School of Education, 4 February 2016.


The Ethics of Extended Cognition: Is Having Your Computer Compromised a Personal Assault? AHRC Extended Knowledge Project Impact Event, University of Edinburgh, 28 January. (slides)


Environment Relativism and Epistemic Dependence Workshop on Epistemic Dependence, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, January, 2016 (link).





Insight, Virtue and Feeling, University of Basel, Switzerland 16-17 December, 2015 (slides)


Knowledge-How and Anti-Intellectualism, Stirling University Philosophy Department Colloquia, 12 November, 2015 (slides)


Knowledge in the Cloud (Panelist), Forum for European Philosophy, London School of Economics, 12 October, 2015. (link) (podcast)


Lectures on Metaepistemology and Relativism University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 28 September - 3 October 2015

The Pyrrhonian Argument for Epistemic Relativism (29 September)-

Diologic Arguments for Epistemic Relativism (30 September)-

Incommensurability, Circularity and Epistemic Relativism (2 October)-


Knowledge, Epistemic Luck and Propositional MemoryEast/West Philosophy Forum, International Conference on Knowledge, Virtue and Action, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2015 (draft) (slides) 


Knowledge, Assertion and Humility(with E.C. Gordon), Intellectual Humility Workshop, University of Edinburgh, 5 May 2015. 


Extended Emotion (with Emma C. Gordon & S. Orestis Palermos), Royal Society of Edinburgh Susan Manning Workshop, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, 27 April, 2015.


Non-Linguistic Arguments for Intellectualism, Collège de France, Paris, 15 April, 2015. (abstract) (audio/video)


Is Knowledge Relative? Edinburgh University, Modes of Representation in the Economy, Seminar Series, 16 March, 2015. (info)


Dialogic Arguments for Epistemic Relativism, University of York, Philosophy Colloquium Series, 25 February, 2015 (info).


Dialogic Arguments for Epistemic Relativism, Edinburgh University Philosophy Society, 5 February, 2015. (abstract)|(info)


Extended Knowledge: Public Policy and Education (with S.O. Palermos), DiCE Education Seminar, Moray House School of Education, 30 January, 2015.





The Ethics of Extended Cognition: Is Having Your Computer Compromised a Personal Assault? (with S.O. Palermos), at IT Futures Conference, University of Edinburgh School of Informatics, 11 December 2014. (info)|(YouTube)


Group Knowledge and Epistemic Defeat Epistemology Research Group, Eidyn Research Centre, Edinburgh University, 17 September 2014. (PDF)|(YouTube)


Reply to Paul Blaschko 'Disagreement, Dispositions, and Higher-order Evidence' at the 4th Annual EIDYN Graduate Epistemology Conference, Edinburgh University, 27 June 2014  (PDF)


Group Peer Disagreement at Institute Jean Nicod, workshop on Deference and Concepts, Paris, France. (PDF). (Final version of paper here, forthcoming in Ratio.)


Undercutting Epistemic Defeat and the Conciliatory Road to Agnosticism at Oxford University at the New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology workshop Religious Epistemology and Epistemic Defeat, 17-18 March, 2014. (podcast)


 Sosa on Causation and Performance Normativity at Symposium on Ernest Sosa’s Epistemic Agency ’, University of Edinburgh, 14 March 2014. (PDF)





Extended Virtue Epistemology at 4th Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association,

Helsinki, Finland, August 2013. (PDF)


Extended Cognition and Propositional Memory at Edinburgh University Epistemology Research Group

seminar, (with Jesper Kallestrup), November 2013. (Final version of paper here, forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.)


The Epistemology of the Precautionary Principle (with Martin Peterson), at the Eindhoven University of

Technology Philosophy & Ethics Workshop, 11 March, 2013. (Final version of paper here, forthcoming in Erkenntnis.)

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