[Spring 2021] SH26 Virtue Epistemology

[Autumn 2020] MSc Conversion: Ethics (Introduction to Analytic Philosophy)

[Autumn 2020] JH3 Epistemology

[Autumn 2019] SH26 Virtue Epistemology

[Spring 2019] MSc Phil. Methodology: Williamson's Metaphilosophy (syllabus)

[Spring 2019] SH26 Virtue Epistemology 

[Autumn 2018] MSc Epistemology: Intellectual Autonomy (syllabus)

[Spring 2018] SH26 Virtue Epistemology (syllabus)

[Spring 2018] JH7 Philosophy of Mind (syllabus)

[Autumn 2017] MSc Epistemology A (syllabus)

[Spring 2017] SH26 Virtue Epistemology (syllabus)



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