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Stratified Virtue Epistemology: A Defence (DRAFT version Feb 2022 - for Cambridge University Press's Epistemology Elements series).

Digital Knowledge. Routledge. DRAFT October 2021.



Intentional Action, Know-How, and Skill Proximity (with T. Kearl) (draft)


Trust, Vulnerability, and Monitoring (draft)

Debunking the Genetic Fallacy (with R. McKenna) (draft)

The Analysis of Knowledge-How (with J. Navarro) 

Know-How and Expertise (with N. McDonnell) (draft

Inferential Knowledge from Essential Falsehood (with J. Wang)

Augmented Reality and Scepticism 

What the Tortoise Should Do: A Knowledge-First Virtue Approach to the Basing Relation  (with L. Miracchi Titus) 

[Papers committed to edited volumes]

Greco on Knowledge Transmission and Shared Intention  for special issue on John Greco's Transmitting Knowledge. 

Simon and Kelp on Trustworthy AI (draft) for Article Symposium on "Trustworthy AI" Asian Journal of Philosophy. 

Abduction, Scepticism, and Indirect Realism (draft) (for a special issue of Philosophical Studies on Sosa's epistemology.

Practical Knowledge, Luminosity, and Aptness (for Knowledge of Ability, eds. B. Vetter and T. Schooner).

TBA (with G. Andrada). For special issue of Social Epistemology on the Mind-Technology Problem (eds. R. Closes, K. Gärtner, G. Theiner.)

Safety and Dream Scepticism in Sosa's Epistemology, invited for special issue of Synthese on Scepticism. 

ChatGPT and testimonial anti-reductionism invited for conference with Nikolaj Pedersen

[In (various stages of) the pipeline]

Aptness, Knowledge, and Action 

The Extended Knower and the Dogmatist (with J. Kallestrup)

Global Relativism and Self-Refutation, Revisited (handout)

Understanding and the Right to an Explanation  (with E.C. Gordon)

The Generality Problem (with B. Madison)


Can you know how to fly a plane if all your training was in virtual reality? 


The Normative Structure of Modal Achievements 


Skill, Luck, and Regression to the Mean

Freedom and Gettiered Foreknowledge


On Flattery (with M. Alfano & E.C. Gordon)


(retired) A Neo-Wittgensteinian Approach to Rational Support Relations (draft)





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