A Telic Theory of Trust (planned monograph output for 2020-2023 Leverhulme grant A Virtue Epistemology of Trust. (DRAFT April 2021 - comments welcome).



Abduction, Scepticism, and Indirect Realism (draft)

On Some Intracranialist Dogmas in Epistemology (draft)


Trust, Vulnerability, and Monitoring (draft)

Practical Knowledge without Luminosity: a Reply to Beddor and Pavese (with J. Shepherd)

Trust and Trustworthiness (draft)

Therapeutic Trust (draft)

Know-How and Expertise (with N. McDonnell) (draft

Inferential Knowledge from Essential Falsehood (with J. Wang)

[Papers committed to edited volumes]

Greco on Knowledge Transmission and Shared Intention  for special issue on John Greco's Transmitting Knowledge. 

Epistemic Normativity is not Independent of our Goals Contemporary  Debates in Epistemology, Volume 3 (eds. M. Steup, J. Turri and E. Sosa), Wiley-Blackwell [DRAFT Nov 2021]

Safety and Dream Scepticism in Sosa's Epistemology, invited for special issue of Synthese on Scepticism. 

The Analysis of Knowledge Blackwell Companion to Epistemology, 3rd Edition (ed. K. Sylvan), forthcoming 2023.

Epistemic Vice (Proposed Synthese special issue on Epistemic Vices: From the Individual to the Collective (eds.) I. Kidd and R. McKenna.) 

Understanding, Cognitive Vulnerability, and Risk (For "Berlin Studies in Knowledge Research" (proposed) special issue on Cognitive Vulnerability (ed. O.L. Gonzalez).

[In (various stages of) the pipeline]

Global Relativism and Self-Refutation, Revisited (handout)

The Analysis of Knowledge-How: An Anti-Intellectualist Manifesto (with J. Navarro) (draft)

The Generality Problem (with B. Madison)


Can you know how to fly a plane if all your training was in virtual reality? 


The Normative Structure of Modal Achievements 


Educating for Know-How

Moral Enhancement and Social Epistemology (with M. Simion)


Skill, Luck, and Regression to the Mean


Defeating Normative Defeaters


Descartes, Doubt and the Precautionary Principle


Epistemic Corruption and the Transmission of Ignorance


Practical Modes and Finkish Proprioceptive Dysfunction 


Epistemic Risk Perception


Transactive Memory Systems and Counterclosure


Freedom and Gettiered Foreknowledge


The Value of Group Knowledge


On Flattery (with M. Alfano & E.C. Gordon)


A Neo-Wittgensteinian Approach to Rational Support Relations (draft)